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Point cloud to building information models is widely used in AEC. This technology is the most effective way of getting 3D models out of scan content.

The point cloud services include three main phases:

  1. Scanning and surveying.
  2. Registration.
  3. Conversion.

Scanning is done with professional equipment which enables getting accurate scans for buildings, covering the deepest features. They are saved in point clouds form for further creating of a point cloud picture.

The formats got in the result are accepted by BIM program tools (for example, Revit).

The point cloud modeling has the following benefits:

  1. Surveying optimization. With a laser scan, you can survey any building quickly, It can be used even with the projects that need to be repaired. You can replace several profile technicians with this tool to save your spending up to 40%. Laser beams can be used for capturing 3D projection and later transferred into scans.
  2. Accuracy. Due to high precision, point cloud services are getting more popular. Accurate data collection together with BIM services will lead to the highest results. Classical surveying doesn’t mean that the results would be accurate. The computer approach became a great investment into the quality of visualization of every single detail.
  3. Detailed analysis of the building. Such transformation helps to implement a deep analysis of any standard object. Now, it’s possible to visualize all the parts without demolition procedure. All the issues can be discussed before the renovation. Such analysis gives the best results in combination with BIM modeling. BIM models created from laser scans contain all the necessary data concerning the building with all its units. Besides, it provides to plan fundings beforehand.
  4. Design planning. BIM modeling from scan enables evaluation of the project design. 3D models cover such details as beams, doors, windows, and other parts on all levels. Such models represent a full picture of the building that makes it easier to plan the changes.
  5. Teamwork optimization. Point cloud to BIM services helps to establish quality cooperation between the designers, engineers, architects, and customers. Turning scans into 3D data is the only way to find an agreement. Visual content helps to get the designer’s idea and, besides, is an easy way to compare several ideas.
  6. Cost reducing. Scan to BIM modeling is the only solution to short the costs of construction. Traditional methods of surveying take time and are extremely expensive. Laser scan is more available because it’s based on computer facilities. Point cloud BIM modeling is a real achievement for “As-build” project modeling. It’s indispensable technology when it comes to project planning and cost pre-counting. Moreover, the implementation of software for virtual construction and model creating can help to find out any mistake or inaccuracy before it’s fulfilled. At last, you can work without technicians if you choose point cloud to BIM services.



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