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A point cloud model is a virtual copy of a real building formed by a cloud of several million points in a 3D virtual space. This 3d model and BIM are directly compatible. It is necessary to use additional programs to transform the model. PMtech provides high-quality 3D laser scanning services in Dublin.

Laser scanning expands the scope of research to the following areas: architecture, construction and preservation of buildings. Laser scanning allows our Clients to quickly, reliably and inexpensively conduct a 3D survey of existing structures, buildings and their interiors. Laser scanning is commonly used, for example, for facades, damage, and building documentation, as well as for performing accurate dimensional measurements. Using the results of the laser scanner, the user can create volumes, surfaces, layouts, cross-section views, and much more. Laser scanning is an optimal method of building information modeling (Scan to BIM).

3D laser scanning provides faster and easier assembly. Thanks to the use of a laser scanner, less labor is required when quick and easy-to-perform measurements are required. Another advantage is the handling and operation, which are also quite simple.

Laser scanning provides these benefits:

  • light
  • fast
  • accurate
  • photorealistic
  • full non
  • contact light independent
  • reproducible
  • сost savings
  • can be accomplished during production.

We offer the following services: laser scanning consulting (processing of point clouds data, BIM modeling using by Point Cloud data, Recap services), laser scanning equipment (Leica P50, P40, RTC360 and Faro), laser scanning software (TrueView Leica, Cyclone, and ect.).

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