One of the main advantages of 3D modelling in Ireland is access to the BIM model of the building for contractors. Our company provides 3D design services in Dublin. The main modeling process is to connect sets of points with lines and polygons to create wireframes. Working with a design modelling services includes checking the project for clashes.

3D modeling and clash detection services

List of clash names that Clients may encounter in their practice:

  1. Geometric clashes;
  2. Ergonomic clashes;
  3. Regulatory and technical conflicts;
  4. Technological clashes;
  5. Checking violations of the normalized distances between model elements.
  6. Check for duplication and overlapping of elements;
  7. Checking the security zone or working area;
  8. Check for the “continuity” of the abutment of structural elements, for the “continuity” of engineering communications;
  9. Checking the drawings for compliance with the measurement system and coordinate systems;
  10. Checking the details of the model for the presence of a name and identifier, the presence of completeness of certain parameters.
3d modeling


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