Laser 3D scanning is one of the methods of building information modeling (BIM-technology) in Dublin, Ireland. The object is scanned in a non-contact way. With this method of work, damage to the object is excluded. Scanning is carried out at long and short distances. The laser 3D scanner works in the following way: the laser beam has reflected the surface of the object and creates a cloud of points. Each point has its coordinates in space. These coordinates are connected by software. This results in a three-dimensional model of the object.

The technology of a 3D laser scanner for buildings is widely used globally.

Features and Equipment: how it works?

A laser scanner does a similar job to a surveying instrument. But a laser scanner, as compared to a total station, has huge advantages. The distance from the instrument to the object is determined by the pulse or phase method.

The accuracy of the instrument in a 3D building scan is measured in millimeters. The number of measured points per second reaches one million or more. This many times exceeds the work of a surveyor with a total station. With laser scanning, the instrument does not need to be moved many times. The instrument can capture the entire spherical area in space.

There are three types of scanning processes:

  • Airborne laser scanning. This method is used to scan large areas and densely populated areas. When scanning, a 3D laser scanner is attached to a flying apparatus. This can be a drone and other similar devices.
  • Ground-based scanning. This method is used for 3D scanning buildings, industrial buildings, monuments, and other similar objects. It helps to build an accurate digital model of the object.
  • Mobile scanning for 3D facility scanning. Special equipment is used for mobile scanning. They are attached to vehicles. Mobile scanning is used for linear objects of considerable length. These may be highways and railroads, pipelines, or gas pipelines.

Where and what it is used for?

Laser scanning helps to digitize objects and hard-to-reach places. The digital model simplifies working with such objects. 3D scanning also scans for establishing quality control in production. It helps to inspect working devices and equipment for troubleshooting. It is useful for reverse engineering and other production purposes.

  • 3D facility scanning is actively used in the following areas:
  • 3D scanning of construction, buildings for renovation, repair.
  • Construction of road and transportation networks.
  • For municipal facilities.
  • For oil installations.

Besides, 3D laser scanners optimize working processes in archeology, cartography, geodesy, medicine, and other fields.

The cost of 3D scanning of construction or another object depends on its type. We apply two pricing methods mainly:

  • Fixed price. This method is suitable if the scope of work is known, all the input data, specifications, and requirements for the project are defined.
  • Hourly rate. The model is suitable if the scope of work is not defined, there is a need to do related work, we need to collect input data, and so on.

Why are we?

PMtech Engineering provides BIM services based on laser scanning. We have gathered a whole staff of specialists developing BIM technologies. We have a flexible approach to each project and each client. Our company is ISO9001, ISO19650 certified. We follow international standards: ANSI/ASME, BSI, GOST.

Our activity has built on three key principles:

  • People. The BIM specialists department consists of professionals. They have solid experience in various civil and industrial modeling projects.
  • Processes. Constant quality control. The control is carried out by our specialist, and the client has access to control the work at each stage. We hold regular meetings for this purpose.
  • Technology. We have state-of-the-art digital and technological infrastructure that helps us do the job better than anyone else. We have the necessary professional software.

Thanks to this approach, the number of successful projects is accumulating every day. More and more companies are becoming our clients, eager to do their work to perfection. Our company builds technologies of the far and nearest future.

Thanks to this approach, the number of successful projects is accumulating and more companies are becoming our clients.


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