We provide architectural design services in Ireland.

PMtech is a supplier of high-quality technologies for the automation of architectural design solutions, construction in digitalization projects.

Our design services encompass a wide variety of disciplines and specialties, including architecture, interior design, master planning, urban design and fabrication, each with a focus on sustainability.

We offers these architectural services in Dublin in tandem with landscape architecture, graphic design and more to create projects that reflect a deep understanding of our clients’ mission, values, and aspirations. At the same time, we strive to create spaces that respond to the site’s environmental, physical, and cultural context.

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A new direction in architecture and individual residential construction. Today, the technology of frame-panel housing construction meets almost all the requirements for residential buildings. Structurally insulated panels (SIP) offer significant advantages in a world where construction schedules are getting shorter, criteria for building efficiency are becoming more complex, and the need for innovative solutions for ambitious construction goals and a shortage of skilled labor is paramount. Even the most complex and large-scale projects are realizable if you choose the right technology for their implementation!

What are SIP panels?

SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) is a sandwich panel, consisting of two external oriented strand boards and an insulating material between them, forming a monolithic element.

What does the use of such a building material give?

  • exceptional energy-saving properties and structural strength< /li>
  • tightness, water resistance, resistance to decay, mold, and weather
  • high speed of assembly of the structure and reduction of construction costs
  • perfectly flat and straight walls and corners
  • durability and excellent operational characteristics

PMtech offers the development of a residential building project from SIP panels.

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