Asset management includes all the processes devoted to developing, using, planning assets. All those actions are aimed at cost optimization. The term is related to the financial sphere and is referred to companies or individuals.

Commercial assets management of any type will help to increase the efficiency and income of any company.

Asset management operations are done in all the levels and departments: directors, accountants, engineers, ITs, etc.

It may include:

  • assets control;
  • purchase planning;
  • making schedules on maintaining;
  • regular item scanning;
  • inventory management;
  • data consolidation.

Types of Asset Management

The Pmtech offer to order the service of asset management in Dublin to figure out what type of management is the best.

For example, a company that deals with in-house resources within the premise won't need management of GPS tracking. Dealing with a large corporation, it's necessary to implement the tool for item supply control.

There are 6 types of asset management for creating an effective system.

Digital Asset Management

This field is rapidly developing. It includes work with digital content. DAM should be evaluated not as a platform itself but as a process in general. It's a global system for streamlining working operations.


  • fast data distribution;
  • accountable access to the digital property;
  • easy searching of digital objects;
  • brand formation;
  • valuable customer information.

This type of asset management will be useful even for companies that don't deal with digital items directly.

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed assets are an important part of any organization, especially if it concerns the supply chain.

Fixed assets include all the items used by a company for income-generating. For instance: appliances, machinery, installations.

Such equipment requires maintenance and monitoring. That's the task of fixed asset management.

This type of asset management is included in the management plan of most companies.


IT asset management covers software and technologies.

We're speaking about PCs, routers, and other equipment, software, licenses, certificates, and all the other means that are the company's ownership.

Digital data is stored on hard drives and cloud servers; assets are easy to track and update. Raison asset management helps to save time and means.

To provide instant communication within a company, IT management will be useful for any organization.

Enterprise AM (EAM)

One more rapidly growing field focused on organization, integration, optimization of any existing infrastructure. Covers documentation processing, productivity increase, inventory results, facility quality. This field is not like the others as it is the general approach to company management.

If you decide to buy asset management in Ireland, choose the one that includes:

  • reports forming;
  • data visualization.

EAM software is aimed to meet governmental requirements.

Investment Management

It's quite a traditional way of asset managing. Includes estate properties, investments, estate objects, and all the intangible commercial resources.

The price of this type of management includes marking rates analysis, tax payments, financial capabilities, and debts, etc. The key goal of this sphere is to risks decrease.

Asset World Management

Here we're talking about the world's infrastructure. Everything that makes areas suitable for living. For example transportation, roads, water supply, electricity, etc.

This sphere, like any other, requires constant updating and maintaining.

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