The information model allows you to automate the process calculating the amount of the building materials and the amount of work performed.

BIM Coordination in Ireland

BIM 360 design collaboration platform for Revit, Autodesk includes:

  • Team support and clarification of customer requirements for BIM - the initial stage of the project,
  • Explanation of how BIM will be implemented in the project, to the project team - preliminary phase,
  • Co-creation of places to share knowledge about BIM tools and methods in the company
  • Auditing information models, generating error reports, performing additional calculations in models, preparing models for issuance to a technical customer.

Features and Benefits

In construction, the design of a real estate object is considered a project. To implement it, you need to adjust each stage. Only total control will help to identify risks in a timely manner and adjust tasks.

Advantages of BIM management or BIM coordination approach over traditional management:

  • high mobility of decisions made;
  • ability to adjust the range of tasks while working on the project;
  • use of innovative methods;
  • work on a clear plan from the first stage;
  • focus on results;
  • responsibility for compliance with the terms of the project implementation;
  • search for solutions to optimize costs.

The experience and qualifications of third-party specialists will allow the developer to delegate a number of routine tasks without reducing efficiency, maintain or increase the pace of construction.

You can order BIM collaboration platform and project management in European Union by filling out the form online or by contacting the manager by phone.

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