Design public building - is an example of BIM application in a public project and its impact on commercial industry. Construction is preceded by the collection of package of documentation.

Stages of development

A residential building requires taking into account the peculiarities of its location and related factors even before the start of construction. At the same time, the collected documentation describes the building, internal layout, internal networks. Such documents are required for state registration of objects in the housing stock.

The design of residential facilities in European region takes into account various factors: external networks, ready-made structures, infrastructure, terrain, etc. Preparation of documents requires experience and responsibility.

Development stages:

  • Formation of technical specifications (the requirements for the building are defined: square footage, number of floors, style). Additional conditions are taken into account, for example, the use of energy supply technologies. The data is processed in the task, a master plan is drawn up;
  • Preliminary design (using 3D modeling tools, preliminary architectural design is performed). The resulting 3d model is used as the basis for the sketch or prototype and is used in the following stages of work;
  • Approval with Client (this stage is mandatory for each project).
  • Design stage. Every project in BIM aims to generate correct design documentation. The project documentation includes solutions, expertise, technical descriptions, permits, reports, drawings, models, etc. in digital form. Make sure all documents are digital. For this, our company has chosen to use a unified BIM environment using the CDE platform.
  • The finished documents are checked by expert organizations.

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