We create reliable AEC digital data, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) methodology and use project value by using BIM technology as a foundation of sustainability for our Clients.

Building Information Modelling dimensions

3D BIM modeling of monolithic structure Includes spatial information, geometric and material information about objects: collision detection and coordination, fabrication, visualization. These are three-dimensional models, characters and symbols created by designers, a virtual reflection of an object under construction (the so-called digital twin), consisting of an architectural body, structure, ventilation, etc.

Here is a list of the information commonly assigned to the attributes of an element:

  • information on materials (g. concrete C20/25),
  • physical characteristics (fire resistance, sound insulation class),
  • manufacturer, links to manufacturer’s documentation,
  • cost,
  • durability (production management phase, e.g. maintenance every 5 years).

4D BIM design = 3D Plus Time

VDC BIM design services in Ireland that include time or time based analysis such as sequencing, scheduling, progress tracking, risk mitigation. PMtech Engineering Ltd works in the area between BIM and manufacturing, with the need to take low-detail 3d modeling and create detailed BIM models and design in Dublin.

building information modelling in ireland


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