The construction project may contain structural, technological or other miscalculations. Creating a single model helps to see this in time and prevent losses. In particular, BIM allows detecting clash detection at the initial stage of the project. This simplifies the process, saves time and resources.

What is a clash in BIM?

A clash occurs when the different components of a project are not coordinated with each other on a spatial plane. This is because working on different aspects of a construction project involves several disciplines. Usually, several specialists are involved in this process. These are construction engineers, environmental engineers, mechanical engineers, and other specialists.

When several specialists work together, each model consists of many documents. In the next stage, all of this data is converted into digital format. At the initial stage of work, the model will show the project, and later it shows the result. The technique of identifying gives a good result. Navisworks overview will help to see it.

What are the main uses of BIM and what is clash detection? During Level 2 BIM implementation, all preliminary models are combined into a single file. When a project contains a lot of data, there are often clashes that need to be resolved before the project can be implemented.

Stages and Equipment

When we hear about the collision, we imagine two objects occupying the same point in space. In construction, it has a more rigid character. For example, a column passes through load-bearing walls or a pipeline through a beam. If such collisions are not detected in time, then further correction is costly and time-consuming.

There is also a softer version of clash coordination. In this case, the buffer zone of the object is violated. This could be cleared for a ventilation system that does not want to yield to steel beams. If there is a sufficient amount of baseline data on the object, it can even be checked at the design stage for compliance with building codes and standards.

Other types of clash detection in BIM can be related to the delivery of materials, timing and other parameters. Navisworks Manage helps in the whole process. Navisworks Manage allows you to coordinate files from different sources. Microstation, CATIA, Solidworks. And if Navisworks does not read the format to use .ifc. For example, when transferring Tekla models to Navisworks, you can use an .ifc file to save all the necessary properties.

How can clashes be avoided?

Collision avoidance is an important part of the planning and design phase of construction. The documentation of standard procedures in the BIM structure, the definition of customer information requirements and the analysis of input data play a decisive role in this process. BIM execution plans from service and resource providers must also be carefully reviewed. In the process, managers should pay attention to the presence of contradictions in the project. If they are unable to resolve them on their own, the individual modules should be reviewed by BIM designers.

If we consider the software, Navisworks Manage will be required. When analyzed through Navisworks Manage clash detection is immediately identified as weak points of the project. Software in this area is becoming more and more sophisticated, allowing you to see even the smallest clashes.

Clash detection in BIM has its specifics. It is important to keep in mind that even when checking through Naviswork clash detection has an acceptable level. This applies to the geometric data of the project. For example, it could be the location of built-in appliances in the wall or pipes hidden in the wall. These types of deviations are considered normal.

A logical question arises, how do you reduce clashes in BIM? The integration of Navisworks and BIM 360 model coordination for issue tracking and automated clash detection provides a good effect.

How much does it cost?

We practice two methods of payment, by the hour and by the volume of work. The cost of BIM clash depends on the volume of work. We recommend contacting our manager to find out the specific amount.

Our advantages

In addition to order point cloud to BIM, we provide clash avoidance and clash detection services. You do not need to buy expensive software or other equipment. Naviswork clash detection services are available from us. Our portfolio contains the best practices for clash detection in Navisworks and our specialists have experience working with leading companies in Dublin and Ireland. Building information modelling, BIM software, BIM clash detection software, clash detection matrix template, hard clash and avoidance are part of our scope.


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