What is COBie data

BIM COBie data is a data format for information exchange that is applied in construction. COBie is an abbreviation for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange.

What is COBie data for

COBie is indispensable for keeping project data from start to finish.

COBie essential purposes:

  • Retaining data which are necessary for building performance analysis.
  • Advanced visualization because of previous feature: retained data are used to create an exact building performance simulation.
  • Productivity increase because of simplifying information search.
  • Better construction documentation coherence.
  • Orderliness of important information, for example, materials and their suppliers with high accuracy description.
  • Advanced logistics.
  • Reduction of spendings as a result.

For what directions COBie is used?

COBie is used in most of construction directions:

  • construction,
  • design,
  • commissioning,
  • planning,
  • maintenance and management of buildings.

COBie is supported by different computer applications that mentioned directions are related.

Implementation of COBie data

COBie has existed for over ten years already and is very effective for description and definition of building components. COBie data (more accurate is a COBie spreadsheet term) is a set of spreadsheets that listed building and space components, floors level and other project aspects. In simple words COBiespreadsheets answer questions «where» and «what».

Work with COBie Data

PMtech can simplify the delivery of COBie Data in accurate accordance with client’s demands. We do convenient with COBie, because all of us works with COBie spreadsheet templates every day. So PMtech will get the required data, create the graphical model on it's basis, and provide final data drops for your project.


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