PMtech Engineering designs in-situ concrete structures and prefabricated concrete structures in accordance with Eurocodes in Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit.

Our company offers services for the design of structures, including reinforced concrete.

Any design begins with a study of technical specifications (design brief) and customer requirements for the results of work. The experience of our specialists allows us not only to carry out the design of concrete structures on time, but also in compliance with the norms and design standards of various regions: the European Union (including local regulatory documents of the Scandic Region, Deutschland, Latvia, Poland and ect.).

You can order the design of reinforced concrete structures in Dublin and other cities by phone +353-89-969-1547 or by e-mail

Stages of design reinforced structures:

  1. Construction of a constructive scheme.
  2. Simulation of the design model based on the structural design.
  3. Simulation of the design model for calculating the impact of the installation.
  4. Collecting loads on the supporting structure.
  5. Stiffness assignment. Congestion design.
  6. Application of loads to the design model.
  7. Structural calculation of the design of reinforced structures.
  8. Selection of reinforcement for uniform distribution of the weight of the structure and the resulting reinforcement during lifting and other works. Transverse reinforcement.

When performing calculations and design, our specialists pay special attention to the compliance of the designed model with the current design standards for concrete structures design and calculated combinations of forces.

reinforced concrete structures


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