The digital twin includes three main parts:

  • A physical product in real space
  • A virtual object in virtual space
  • Data and information combining the virtual and physical product.

As a finished product, a digital twin is a virtual model of any object. The object can be a physical product, a system, a process. The digital twin allows you to simulate different circumstances and changes of objects depending on these circumstances. You can use a digital twin to see how it will work under certain conditions. In this way, you can reduce costs and save time in developing and running the equipment. Another important task is to reduce the risk to the environment.

Milestones of building digital twins

The construction of a digital twin is done in different ways. The design can be based on digital twin in IoT (Internet of Things), graphic model, computer-aided engineering systems, AR and VR holograms.

Digital twinning consists of the following steps:

  • object study
  • modeling a digital version of the object
  • model implementation
  • testing
  • test run and setup
  • corrections

Depending on the characteristics of the digital twin object, some steps may not be or their sequence may change.

Areas of application

The scope of digital twins is very wide.

  • Mining and processing of minerals. Digital twins in the field of oil and gas production help assess risks in order to minimize damage to the environment, save people's lives and save a lot of money on these items.
  • Manufacturing and Industry. In this sphere, the digital twin of the organization helps to reproduce production chains. Possible equipment failures can be monitored, tests can be carried out and weaknesses can be identified.
  • Energy field. Building a digital twin in this realm helps to optimize the work of electric power plants, you can predict the amount of energy consumed and find the optimal figures.
  • IT-infrastructure. If you build a digital twin of a separate network or device, you can calculate the volume of maximum load, as well as the possibility of a cyber-attack.
  • Construction of buildings and structures. Using a virtual model of a house or a residential complex it is possible to see in advance the finished picture of objects, their durability to climate, and loads.
  • Virtual models of interior décor and other design objects help to see where they need to be improved, how they can be changed, and what can be added.
  • Trade and retail. In this field, digital twin technology helps organize optimal loading of sales areas, the flow of customers, staff work, as well as control lighting and temperature levels.
  • In education, digital twins help study physical objects in virtual reality.
  • Transportation and logistics. Helps build the optimal route for sending goods and transporting passengers. Also used in major airports around the world.
  • Space industry. Digital twins were used in this sphere many years ago. Spacecrafts are fully tested with this method before launch.
  • In this area, digital twins help to forecast climatic conditions to make the farmers' efforts more effective and to get a good harvest.
  • Digital twins of cities help efficiently build systems of transport, communication, city architecture. They also help monitor and find solutions in the sphere of ecology and energy consumption.

How much does it cost?

The cost of creating a digital twin depends on the individual characteristics of the object. When forming the price, all stages of work, the number of specialists involved in this process, as well as other parameters are taken into account. To find out the price for your project we recommend contacting our company.

Our offer

Our company offers services for creating digital twins model in different areas. The experience of our specialists allows us to successfully carry out projects of any complexity. The work is performed in several stages. Each stage is agreed with the customer.

Our team of specialists strives to take into account all the wishes of the client and perform the task at a high level. Our completed works have helped other enterprises to successfully implement important projects, save money and bring their business to the next level.

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