Complex tasks in the field of design, construction, and reconstruction of buildings can be easily solved using digital technology. One of the modern effective technologies is the 3D laser scanning survey. This technology helps to obtain the most accurate spatial model of any complex object.

How does it work?

The laser scanner and lidar work on a similar principle: they emit a high-frequency beam to the object under study, the beam is reflected and returns to the starting point. The return time of the beam helps the 3D scanner calculate accurate distance readings. In addition, the beams create a point cloud. By connecting these point cloud surveys, the scanner receives information about the geometry and architecture of the object.

Laser surveying devices can send a large number of beams at the same time, allowing large areas to be quickly collected. Lidar cloud point is a fully automated system. It works remotely and does not harm the environment, other objects, and people. In the process of work, the device has to be moved to different points. The measuring part of the device can rotate and shoot objects within a 360-degree radius around a building.

There are three types of 3D scanning:

  • Mobile scanning. It is carried out with the help of vehicles. There is no need to worry about the accuracy of shooting while moving. There are special compensators, which make accurate shooting during the movement of the car.
  • Ground scanning. In this method, a static device is used. At the first stage, a visualization of the object is made. Then each part is modeled separately. At the final stage, all parts are combined into a single picture. The method does not require additional measures and reflectors.
  • Scanning in the air. This method is the fastest. It also gives the most detailed information about the object. Along with the parameters of the object, you can get information about the surrounding terrain when scanning from the air.

What kind of view do you need? This question is determined by the size of the building, the complexity of the geometry, and the task at hand. A clear understanding of the task makes the work of the specialists easier.

Where is it used?

3D scanning is performed with special professional equipment. It can be a lidar or a laser scanner. 3D lidar scanning, as well as laser equipment, provides high accuracy of the image and automation of many complex surveying works. The technology for scanning buildings solves the following tasks:

  • Measurement of facial and interior facades of buildings;
  • Topographic surveying;
  • Design of industrial facilities and infrastructure objects;
  • Creating a three-dimensional cadaster of real estate;
  • Obtaining detailed information about objects and objects of architecture;
  • Construction of vertical sections of structures with complete information. That could be wall thickness, presence of partitions and coatings;
  • Creating floor plans;
  • The layout of buildings with complex geometry;
  • Revealing deformations of already built projects;
  • Gathering information for the planned repair, reconstruction, or construction of various facilities.

In all these types of work, the use of 3D point cloud survey technology saves time, eliminates errors, and speeds up the work process.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the point cloud survey into Revit depends on the size of the object, the tasks set, and the initial conditions. Our company determines the price by individual approach to each object. At the initial contact of the client, our main task is to clarify the purpose of the scanning of the object. We use professional software and equipment.

If the task is specified precisely the process will be fast and effective. We need to know the initial data. If there is no source data, we can take this task ourselves. In this case, our work is paid at an hourly rate.

Our offer

PMtech company specializes in creating information models of large objects, including 3D laser and lidar scans. Our specialists have solid experience in working with objects of different complexity in Dublin and all Ireland. Our customers value speed, accuracy, and adherence to deadlines. We strictly adhere to these standards.


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