Services include:

 – analysis of HVAC and water & sanitation systems,
 – 3D modeling of all MEP system,
 – create detailed drawings in Autodesk Revit.

MEP (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing)

Specifying the layout of multiple building systems requires a high degree of coordination among engineering design teams. One of the key challenges is avoiding overlapping locations for equipment belonging to different building systems:

 1. This can be very difficult to visualize with conventional 2D construction plans. Equipment location conflicts often make it to the construction phase, resulting in change orders.
2. On the other hand, when all design engineers are working on a virtual reality model of the building, location conflicts are detected immediately by the software. If two building systems have overlapping components, the corresponding design teams are notified at once.The use of BIM software speeds up the design process significantly, reducing repetition and the amount of time required for design review. In addition, BIM software is typically capable of calculating material lists by itself, saving valuable man-hours.

MEP design

This way, engineers can focus on designing the best solution without dedicating time to tedious and repetitive tasks. The use of BIM for MEP engineering helps detect the need for change orders during the design phase, when modifications are carried out on a virtual model and not a physical construction. Editing a building model is faster and considerably cheaper than dismounting and reassembling actual installations; design edition only costs engineering time, while project modifications have material and labor costs.

Common MEP Engineering Services

MEP engineers help ensure that a construction or renovation project maximizes performance, minimizes cost, and provides long-term value. This allows them to devise systems that best integrate with a building’s architecture and desired performance.

The problems MEP mechanical engineering companies can solve or improve include:

Optimizing operational and maintenance practicesMinimizing construction and energy costsProviding oversight and integration of different systems and different contractorsMeeting environmental requirementsImproving environmental performanceAutomating building systemsOutsource hvac shop drawingsOutsourcing mep shop drawings

We have a thorough understanding of sustainable design systems that incorporate alternative energy and energy conservation technologies.

MEP shop drawing detailing in Dublin

MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD is the number one BIM solution for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design used by thousands of companies in over 80 countries worldwide.

The MagiCAD design models are also used to simplify work at the construction site. The models are reviewed through Navisworks. This makes it easier for site managers and craftsmen to coordinate the different installations.


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