The NBS (National Bim Library) is a web space where BIM files and models are stored. Such components may vary from steel profiles or kerns to specific lightning or furnishing. Everything depends on your demands and working discipline.

Bimlibrary in Ireland

We offer to join the rapidly developing technology of information modeling BIM in Ireland, which contains a wide variety of BIM objects from the developer. You can order a building system for any purpose, electrical or mechanical industry from our bim object library.

The National Bim Library

BIM (the Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent technology based on a digital 3D sample. A tool will be useful for effective planning, designing, building, and managing objects and infrastructures of any sphere.

BIM object is an element that represents this or that building part (for example, doors, furniture, lighting, communication nodes, etc.) in 3D format. Such an object covers important features of the described element.

The PMTech Company works with open NBS libraries or bimobject library that are made according to BS ISO19650 standards. You can order BIM library service in Dublin to get smart solutions for data dematerialization or work with Revit family library tools.

Digitalized data helps to optimize the implementation process of BIM solutions in design companies. After interfacing, BIM data can be sent to other project specialists and shared between departments.

Where to Find Free BIM Objects

You can download BIM objects in 3D format for free. All products are supported by NBS technical support team.

All the NBS products meet international standards. Every single object sent by the developer to the NBS is strictly tested by our team. Our major priority - providing quality certified software. In case of any non-compliance, the manufacturer gets a detailed report, so that the object can be included in the NBS after correction and double-check.

If you decide to buy software in PMTech, you'll definitely get the consistent object for quality work.

Once you download BIM, you'll be able to integrate heating systems, conditioning, water supply, and more in digital samples.

How Do You Add an NBS in Revit

Free Revit Autodesk includes objects that you can download for working with your models. Make your Revit family wider - add BIM objects from NBS, and get access to communication with the experts.

The benefit of such a solution is getting the exact data for creating hi-tech specifications. We offer a tool that will make it clear - a Plugin Revit for direct import of BIM data to Revit Interface.


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