Before covering the main issue about generating point cloud software into CAD model, let's figure out the meanings.

A CAD Model: What Is It?

CAD can be presented in several digital formats: 2D or 3D. In fact, it's a surface, object or structure model used in computer design. Such models are created with the help of point cloud data received from a laser scanner. Engineers use this format to create realistic street, landscape views from various angles. 3D model is widely used for design planning (for interiors and exteriors).

What is 3D model point cloud Data?

Point cloud data is a tool that companies use for bringing computered data to life. 3D coordinates (points) are similar to image pixels. Such technology helps to represent a surveyed object in a digital form.

Point cloud data generating into 3D model with CAD software is required for examining and analyzing structures. Models can be studied from various points, and implementation of interactive tools makes it possible to edit designs in a digital manner.


  • Team work. CAD software provides access to cloud resource where all the data is stored. Such an approach is useful for working in a team. Simple tools will make remoted data processing much easier.
  • Library. Useful option for reviewing the works that have been done.
  • Reuse. Most of CAD models can be used several times. For example, land projects can be used for creating models of objects. These models, in turn, may be useful for further ideas, etc.
  • Productivity. Software streamlines design and analysis. Start from drawing a 3D model and extracting important information - it will help to improve the project architecture, and much more. Automatization of basic operations is the key factor of time saving.
  • Profitability. The ability to use valuable data will provide faster project planning on all the levels. Your team will always be few steps ahead the competitors.

What Are Lidar Point Clouds?

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is used in aerial vehicles for sending laser impulses to create the contact with the Earth. LIDAR system records data directly from the received information.

This system needs numerous components for recording. For example, GPS is required for accurate attachment, etc. Additional means can be useful for fixing such parameters as angle of a flight, class, intensity. Point clouds get by LIDAR are got in .LAS format.

How Do You Make a 3d Model From a Point Cloud?


  • Get hardware for point cloud to CAD Model data processing. Registration, import and other operations require powerful computer equipment. It's the key factor that influences the success of your further project. We offer to order service point cloud to Revit Workflow in Ireland - we will provide you with all the hardware required for your goals.
  • Proceed with correct registration. You can do any operations only with registered cloud data. To do this, need special software, as well as for the further job. Universal software supports most of the popular file formats, can proceed the "smart" scanning of standard scanning.
  • Converting to 3D surfaces. Completing the registration to convert a data. Be sure, that CAD supports the file type you're working with. One of the best solutions - Revit Autodesk. It's a suitable program for BIM (Building Information Modelling) that supports .rcp and .rcs files.
  • Bring it together. Every single step is a part of the whole object. They should be done in clear sequence. Using point cloud data to Revit Model needs professional approach and skills. The most important - the accurate alignment of the hardware, software and chosen approach.

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