BIM technologies help to reduce risks in the project financing of housing construction. Laser scan to BIM helps to get a complete digital picture of the functional characteristics of the object. This approach takes many factors into account. It helps to detail the project down to the smallest detail. The use of such an information model makes it easy to change any of the parameters, as recalculation is automatic.

In this way, companies and government agencies will be able to make the most accurate decisions. If several participants take part in the construction of a facility, each of them will be able to interact effectively with the other partners. From this position scan to the BIM process becomes a mandatory and necessary component in the implementation of important projects.

How does it work?

Modern production must be competitive. This requires speed, accuracy, and quality information acquisition. Our team is always ready to provide a detailed explanation of the features of the technology used. Scan to BIM is the process of three-dimensional laser scanning of a physical space or area to create a digital model. This model is then used to design, evaluate construction phases, analyze options, and make adjustments to the project.

Stages and equipment: how is used?

First of all, you need to define the goal of getting a digital representation of the space. If our team knows your end goal, it will be easier for us to deliver the result that best meets your requirements.

Depending on the complexity of the site one or more specialists are involved in the process. When creating a scan of a BIM site or object, we bring some key parameters into the interface of our equipment.

The process works like this: inside the body of the scanner, there is a laser that rotates at high speed. The beam of this laser hits the objects and records information. This is called a dot. A group of such dots gives a three-dimensional outline of an object or part of an object. The more dots that can be collected, the better the quality of the result. This point is often referred to as scan resolution. In some cases, maximum scanning resolution is needed.

Scan to BIM revit technology eliminates the human factor. It allows more information to be collected in a short time. It is possible to transmit the received data more quickly to the project team. The equipment does not damage the surrounding space and nature.

Where is it used?

Scan to BIM is actively used in construction, banking, and manufacturing. The technology solves the following kinds of tasks:

  • preparation of a project proposal;
  • financial and technical expertise and audit of investment projects;
  • financial and technical supervision;
  • project management;
  • environmental consulting, environmental independent expertise, and environmental audit of projects;
  • verification of cost estimates;
  • verification of cost justification;
  • technical expertise.

A number of the scan to BIM companies provide such services. To ensure that the results meet the client's expectations, it is necessary to choose an experienced team.

How much does it cost?

If you entrust this work to our company, you can pay by two methods: fixed payment, when all the raw data is known and our scope of work is outlined. The other option is an hourly payment, which may include other processes besides scanning.

Our offer

The company has solid experience in implementing large projects. We have a point cloud to mesh service and other services. In our work, we focus primarily on people, processes, and on technology. We take into account the individual requirements of each client. We have a complete set of scans to BIM software in Dublin (Ireland) to realize our goals. Best practices help us to be the best in delivering our services. If you have a question about how to scan to BIM or do VRMesh, then contact us and we will fulfill all your requirements.


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