A 3d model-based workflow with Tekla Structures software minimizes costly waste, improves efficiency, quality, and ensures that that the right error-free items are delivered in the right place at time.

With Tekla Structures, we can work with any structure, regardless of material (steel, concrete or timber), size and complexity. Because the software integrates design and detailing with manufacturing and project management.

We can streamline the entire precast workflow from tender to delivery. Our company details any precast concrete structure, improves the quality of supplied production documentation, plans and controls production, and identifies potential problems with your precast model.

The types of prefabricated elements we work with:

  • one-layer, two-layer and three-layer walls,
  • columns, beams,
  • sandwich columns, beams and panels,
  • stairs,        
  • floor slabs, etc.

PMtech Engineering Ltd works in the area between BIM and manufacturing, with the need to take low-detail architectural drawings and create detailed manufacturing models and CNC codes. Moving to the cloud-based on Trimble Connect gives the company the opportunity to bring design and fabrication teams together and overcome some of the limitations of our current generation of design tools. The software interfaces with production management systems (ERP) and precast concrete wall systems and rebar production machinery (CAD-CAM). The information-rich models allow you to coordinate design, fabrication and site operations and ensure delivery according to the schedule.

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