When designing and constructing buildings is more important than ever for engineers and architects to work in a unified information environment. Technologies that ensure the smooth functioning of all components at every stage of construction already exist.

How does it work?

VDC digital engineered technology greatly speeds up the design and construction process and helps to control it. With their help, often repetitive engineering decisions can be automated. The model is also used in the reconstruction of buildings, in the construction of systems in dynamic-growing cities.

The fundamental difference from traditional methods is that all-important work on the design and optimization of the project is carried out with the information model, not with the system itself.

Information modeling gives developers a lot: it allows to solve problems of communication crossing, automatically generates a plan of engineering systems, with high accuracy calculate the volume of construction and installation works, automatically checks all solutions for compliance with the regulations. The most effective option is when all participants of the process - customers, designers, builders - have access to the database.

Stages, Equipment, and Specification

At the first stage, an object is formed as a whole, then, a three-dimensional model of all elements of the building is created - three-dimensional planning solutions, facades, engineering, communication, and vehicle systems, etc.

VDC Virtual Design and Construction services are used not only in the construction of the building but also in its operation. For example, the information model contains a schedule of maintenance of engineering networks, information on the condition of the building and the need for an overhaul, replacement of meters or pipes - all of this data is available to the management company.

Some modern projects could not have been created without the use of digital engineering because of their highly complex geometry.

VDC technologies have changed the construction design process, made it more complex. Errors in working with information models can cause great damage to the whole project and lead to alterations and difficulties in the work later. The best way to solve the problem is to turn to proven companies with experience in modern high-tech dynamics building services.

Where does it apply?

The scope of application of the technology is vast. It is useful in all of the following cases:

  • Professionals who need to work together and design on a single project. With the help of technology, they can work simultaneously and comprehensively, observing every stage of the work.
  • For clients who want to see the final work before the money is spent on a project.
  • Even the strongest specialists and the best methods can fail if the work is not properly systematized, schemes are made with errors or the process is not planned in detail. Virtual design and construction technology successfully solve such problems.

VDC virtual design and construction technology collects up-to-date information throughout the life of a project. Every phase is monitored. If necessary, adjustments can be made at any stage. This approach makes it easier to achieve overall goals.

The virtually designed and construct methodology is not just a tool for specialists. It is a system of work that requires a high level of commitment, responsibility, and regularity from each participant in a large-scale project.

How much costs?

The serving of our company is based on the complexity of the task at hand. There are two ways of forming the cost of the work: fixed an hourly fee. In the first case, the client provides us with the initial data and sets the final task. If the source data is unknown, we take this work on ourselves. In this case, the work of specialists is paid by the hourly rate. For further discussion of the cost, it is recommended to contact us. Our company builds a flexible collaboration system.

Why us?

Our company has already been able to implement a number of large-scale projects in design and construction in Ireland. Through our services, a number of companies in Dublin, and other cities successfully promote projects in practice. Our specialists know the standards of construction to carry out orders in strict accordance with them. With our involvement, your project is sure to be completed successfully and on time.


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