BIM models

Experts of PMTech Group are completely confident that each participant of the construction process has a general imagination about Building Information Modelling. It’s a specific working process and an efficient methodology for the construction industry on all levels.

BIM process means that the project developer provides data about a certain object or its structural element within the digital informational space. It’s known as a Common Data Environment (CAD). All important features and characteristics are represented in a digital form for further processing.

It’s a consistent approach that makes it possible to create a coordinated workflow in construction development. Our customers admit that BIM helps to optimize the communication between the subdivisions and profile specialists.

BIM Structure

The digital BIM models may consist of various content types – notes and specifications, timetables and schedules, production requirements and standards, financial plans, images, graphics, etc. This data is represented in different dimensions (for example, 3D, 4D, 5D, etc.). It’s created by various team members who are responsible for this or that construction stage. In fact, digital data reflects the progress “as it is”.

All those drawings are integrated within one BIM model for further verification. Thus, teams get the pre-checked information. It can guarantee data accuracy that helps to avoid various errors in the final result.

Non-graphical data is represented in tables, specifications, etc.

Advantages of BIM

Comparing building information modeling with the traditional approach, we should point out the major benefit of BIM. It provides accurate information in a clear structured form that makes it easier to find the required detail. The team members can develop high-quality objects, optimize spending. The build assets’ performance becomes transparent and clear.

In its turn, efficiency increase is a huge benefit for the business perspective in general. Digitalization is the most significant achievement that helps to reach great social results.



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