Precast Design

• Structural design of precast elements (Dlubal RFEM/RSTAB).

 Static, elements and joints calculation.

• Tender model preparation.

• Reinforcement of structures.

• WSD preparation, structural drafting and BIM Modeling

(Tekla Structures, Revit Autodesk).

Structural design
(steel and concrete)

• Design, analysis and detailing of steel structures.

• Structural calculations and 3D-modelling.

• BIM modeling of precast and monolithic structures, including prestressed concrete and 3D modeling of steel structures (LOD 200-500).

Timber and CLT
detailing for prefab

• 3D modeling of timber frame structures.

• Convert CAD and BIM-models to production-ready fabrication information models (timber and timber/steel components).

• Structural design works: statics (normal design), fire design, seismic design and connection design for timber and CLT  structures.