Concrete Detailing: Precast RC

Concrete detailing is a crucial part of the construction process, ensuring accurate and comprehensive drawings for the fabrication and construction of concrete structures. At PMtech, we offer professional concrete detailing services that encompass a wide range of tasks and deliverables. Here’s an overview of our concrete detailing services:

  1. 3D Modeling: Our experienced detailers utilize Tekla Structures software to create precise 3D models of concrete structures. This advanced modeling approach allows for better visualization, clash detection, and coordination with other trades, ensuring a seamless construction process.
  2. Reinforcement Detailing: We provide comprehensive reinforcement detailing services, including the placement, arrangement, and dimensioning of reinforcement bars and mesh. Our detailers are well-versed in local and international standards and codes, ensuring compliance with design requirements.
  3. Formwork and Shuttering Plans: Our team prepares detailed formwork and shuttering plans, showcasing the placement and layout of formwork elements to facilitate the construction of concrete elements. This includes wall forms, slab forms, column forms, beam forms, and more.
  4. Bar Bending Schedules: We generate accurate bar bending schedules that provide a detailed list of reinforcement bars, including their shapes, sizes, lengths, and bending instructions. This helps in the procurement of reinforcement materials and ensures efficient on-site construction.
  5. Shop Drawings: Our concrete detailing services encompass the creation of shop drawings that provide clear and comprehensive information for the fabrication and assembly of concrete elements. These drawings include dimensions, reinforcement details, embedment details, connections, and any specific requirements of the project.
  6. Connection Details: We pay meticulous attention to connection details, ensuring proper integration and coordination between various concrete elements. This includes the detailing of column-to-beam connections, beam-to-slab connections, and other critical junctions.
  7. Quantity Takeoffs: We provide accurate quantity takeoffs for concrete elements, including quantities of concrete, reinforcement, formwork, and other materials. This facilitates cost estimation, material procurement, and project planning.
  8. Clash Detection and Coordination: Our team conducts clash detection analysis to identify and resolve clashes between concrete elements and other building systems. This ensures smoother construction and minimizes rework on-site.
  9. Construction Sequencing and Erection Plans: We assist in creating construction sequencing and erection plans, outlining the sequence of concrete element assembly, the required lifting and support systems, and other critical installation details.
  10. As-Built Documentation: Upon project completion, we can provide as-built documentation, capturing any changes or modifications made during the construction process. This allows for accurate record-keeping and future reference.

Our concrete detailing services are performed by skilled detailers who have expertise in working with various types of concrete structures, including buildings, bridges, industrial facilities, and more. We prioritize accuracy, adherence to standards, and efficient collaboration with clients and other project stakeholders.

If you have specific requirements or would like to discuss your concrete detailing project in detail, please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide professional guidance and support for all your concrete detailing needs.