Precast Detailing

The process of detailing prefabricated structures

The 3D model-based workflow of Tekla Structures software minimizes costly corrections, increases efficiency, improves quality and ensures that the right design solutions are delivered to the right place, at the right time.

With Tekla Structures, we can work on any structure, regardless of material (steel, concrete or wood), size, or complexity. The software combines design and detailing with production and project management.

We can optimize the entire workflow of prefabricated structures from bidding to delivery. Our company designs, details any precast concrete structure, improve the quality of delivered production documentation, plans and coordinates with production.

The types of prefabricated elements we work with:

  • single-, double- and triple-layered walls
  • columns, beams
  • multilayer columns and beams
  • stairs, flights of stairs
  • floor slabs, etc.

PMtech Engineering Ltd operates in the zone between BIM and manufacturing, where it is necessary to take architectural drawings with low detail and create detailed manufacturing models, detailed view of prefabricated constructions and CNC codes.

We offer: 

3D models of any structures

General Arrangement drawings (GA’s), WSD, reports and all types of necessary fabrication data