Our main service in the field of structural solutions is techical design and 3D moduling of building and structures for civil purposes made of precast concrete or steel structures.

PMtech successfully create projects for prefabricated structures using BIM modeling in Tekla Structures. For modeling basic structures, it provides a rich functionality of three-and four-dimensional building models.

Our main work on precast design consists of:⠀

  • Tender model preparation.
  • Structural design of precast elements, and monolithic and steel structures (Dlubal RFEM/RSTAB).
  • Static, elements and joints calculation, analysis of the structure.
  • Reinforcement of structures.
  • Development of workshop drawings (WSD), general drawings (GA), structural drafting and BIM Modeling (LOD 200-500) in Tekla Structures or Revit Autodesk.

We have experience in the structural design of materials such as steel, concrete and CLT (timber).

precast engineering services


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